Designer Glass

Swastik Glass manufactures wide range of Designer Glasses, Wallpapers, Leather Panels, Canvas Printings & many more. All the below products are manufactured & processed at GIDC, Pandesara, SURAT. 

Swastik Glass transforms metamorphoses and radically mutates plan glass into exquisite designer glass. We have in-house teams of creative designers working with glass masters to produce fantastic creations in art and designer glass, each one a unique masterpiece.

Swastik Glass art and designer glass offers fantastic design in terms of Back Paint Glass, Acid Etching, Fabric Glass, Glass Flooring, Magnetic Glass, Decorative Mirrors, V-Grooving, Pasting, Lamination, Bending, Fire Fusion, glass replaying and everything else that is possible that can be done to transform plain glass into Cinderella Glass.

We use finest materials and our artist painstakingly air brush, texture paste, fuse with fire or use any of the techniques at their command to create masterpiece you will be proud to own. Each item we produce is unique and one of it is kind, customized for each customer. Our process assures permanence and lasting beauty. Art Glass defines your inner aesthetic.

Where it is used

Bent Glass

Swastik manufactures Bent Glass as per the requirement of client. Swastik has a facility to bend glass to 90 degree. The max bendable size is 3.6 mts x 1.7 mts. Swastik also manufactures Bent Laminate Glasses.


Fused Glass is a term used to describe glass that has been fired in a kiln at a range of high temperatures. Fused glass techniques are generally used to create Art glass, glass tiles. This fusion can be between colored glasses as well as clear glasses.

Acid Etched

Acid Etched Glasses are produced with the help of Chemicals (Acids). Swastik manufactures customized Acid Etched Glasses in any shape, size & design.

Back Painted

Swastik manufactures Back Paint Glasses in any RAL Color. Swastik is the only company using CADRAM RESINS (United Kingdom) in India. Swastik also manufactures customized Laminated Back Paint Glasses & Fabric Glasses.

Laminated Shower Cubicles

Laminated Shower Cubicles are nowadays becoming more & more popular because of the safety. Swastik manufactures customized Laminated & Designer Shower Cubicles.

Leather Panels

Leather Panels (Leatherite) are used highly in Interiors. Swastik manufactures Leather Panels to any shape, design, size & color. Swastik can also print any design on Leatherite.

Canvas Printing

Canvas Printing is a very popular product by Swastik. Ultra Violet printing is done on Canvas, which have a long lasting printing, but it looks similar to Canvas Painting.

Customised Wallpaper

Swastik manufactures customized wallpapers. Any type of design can be done with minimum quantity of 10 sqm.

Glass Floorings

Swastik is specialized in manufacturing customized Glass Floorings. Our glass flooring can be both Toughned & Laminated.

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