Fogg Free Mirror

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Previously, we used to see Anti-fog mirrors (Fog free mirrors) in luxury hotels only. But now, it is no more a luxury. People use fog-resistant mirrors in their residence too. With Anti-fog mirrors as part of your residence, you will no longer have to wipe mirrors after warm showers and leave streaks on them as a result. How does it work? Electronic circuits transmit gentle warmth across the mirror’s surface, preventing the steam’s moisture from collecting on mirror’s surface. With our Anti-fog system installed in your bathroom, your mirrors won’t become an inconvenience because of the steam.


  • Features and Benefits

Convenient, prevents bathroom mirrors from fogging.
Provides 100% visibility, a fog-free environment improves the safety of grooming routines such as shaving.
Cleaner, hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties prevent water stains and droplets from forming.
Gives a clearer hygiene experience.
Highly durable, delivers best-in-class abrasion resistance.

  • Applications

Residence and hotels
Shower and steam room doors, saunas and many more

Technical Parameters