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Double-glazed units complete with fully integrated Venetian and pleated blinds hermetically sealed between two panes of glass. Both stylish and contemporary in appearance, easy to maintain, with the blinds contained within the sealed unit safe from dust and dirt, these units are the ideal shading and privacy glazing solution.

Ideal for bi-folding and sliding doors where other types of blinds and curtains are not practical or achievable. Integral Blinds can also be utilized in conservatories, office partitioning, observation areas in hospitals, schools, prisons and other public buildings.



Each home is unique and every home owner uses their property in different ways. Many properties, whether new or old, have room that could benefit from more light. However, the owner is often left with the dilemma of balancing the need for natural light against the need for privacy. But these blinds offer the most elegant way to control light and shade in your home, and also offer complete privacy.

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